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[News] Nouveau Firmware AG-AC90 disponible

Discussion dans 'Panasonic' créé par vttman, 24 Février 2015.

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    [Update] AG-AC90 series Ver.1.80

    • Ver 1.80-00-0.00

    Improvement of Audio setting
    Audio gain level on INPUT2 could also be affected by INPUT1 setting (MENU: MIC GAIN1).

    • Ver 1.60-00-0.00

    Support for the HDMI output in “Recording mode” when 720P mode is selected.

    • Ver 1.50-00-0.00
    The following features are added.

    Feature Reference page* Remarks
    * Revised Operation Instructions v1.5_Vol.2

    (English version)
    1 Copying function between each card in two slots 79
    2 Freeze Frame 57,60 Freeze Frame function is added and selectable by USER button.
    3 PM REC mode
    (1280 x 720) 94
    4 CS REC mode
    (720 x 480/60i)
    (720 x 576/50i) 94,124 A low rate mode for uploading via network.
    5 TIME STAMP 98 Date-and-time superimposition function on video data is added.
    6 DRS ON/OFF function is added to USER button. 57,60,91
    7 Preset function for White Balance is improved. 41 User-settable VAR function is added.
    8 Safety Zone Marker and Center Marker function are added. 101
    9 Eye-Fi card is supported. 15,77-79
    10 BARS button 62 Switchover to Color Bar screen while recording can be restricted.
    11 LETTERBOX 68,98 Underscan display on 4:3 TV output is improved into 100% display.

    • Ver 1.3

    1.Stability of process has been improved in PRE-REC.
    2.The following improvement is enabled by this update.
    When Focus Control is switched between MF and AF, COLOR TEMP setting is ignored.

    • Ver 1.1
    PRE-REC Function
    Changed specifications so that PRE-REC was not removed by REC/STOP button.
    Please click here to see the supplement of operation instructions
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